We kick off 2022 with a new DAACS Conversation series, Turning Dirt into Facts: Historical Archaeological Interpretation in the Age of Storytelling.

Organized and guest moderated by Dr. Garrett Fesler, these conference-paper length talks were scheduled to appear at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s Annual Conference in January 2022. COVID prevented this session from happening live in Philadelphia. We are delighted to bring it to you now via DAACS Conversations.

Please note the format for these talks is slightly different from past DAACS Conversations.  We will host two or three short talks during each Conversation. There will be time after the talks for questions and discussion with the audience. When you register for one talk, you will be registered for all talks given during that Conversation.

You can read about, and register for, all DAACS Conversations here: https://www.daacs.org/research/daacs-conversations/