Site Relationship Diagram

Project Relationship Diagram

Field Name: Project ID Number
Field Name: Institution
Authority Terms:

  1. Alexandria Archaeology
  2. Archaeological and Cultural Solutions, Inc.
  3. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  4. Corporation for Jefferson’s Poplar Forest
  5. Department of Anthropology, College of William and Mary
  6. Drayton Hall
  7. Fairfield Foundation
  8. Guilford Borough Council
  9. Jamaica National Heritage Trust
  10. James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc.
  11. Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
  12. Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association
  13. Museum of Harlow
  14. Museum of Liverpool
  15. MWC/CHP/RELMA (Mary Washington College’s Center for Historic Preservation and the Robert E. Lee Memorial Association)
  16. Nevis Conservation and Historical Society
  17. Oxford Archaeology
  18. Research Labs of Archaeology, UNC-Chapel Hall
  19. Rivanna Archaeological Services LLC
  20. Robert E. Lee Memorial Association
  21. South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
  22. Syracuse University
  23. The Ladies’ Hermitage Association
  24. The University of Virginia Library: Morven Great House
  25. Thomas Jefferson Foundation
  26. University of West Indies
  27. Washington and Lee
  28. WMCAR (William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research)

Field Name: Project Name
Authority Terms:

  1. 38BK245
  2. 38BK75
  3. 38BK76
  4. 44JC298
  5. Ashcomb’s Quarter
  6. Building C (Joiner’s Shop)
  7. Building D/j (Smith/Nailer’s Shop)
  8. Building e
  9. Building i (Carpenter’s Shop)
  10. Building j (Nailery)
  11. Building l
  12. Building m (Smokehouse/Dairy) & MRS 4
  13. Building n (Wash House) & 1809 Stone House
  14. Building o
  15. Building r
  16. Building s
  17. Building t
  18. Cabrits Garrison Village
  19. Chapline Place
  20. East Kitchen Yard
  21. Elizabeth Hemings Site
  22. Fairfield Quarter
  23. Field Quarter Cabin 1
  24. Field Quarter Cabin 2
  25. Field Quarter Cabin 3
  26. Field Quarter Cabin 4
  27. Field Quarter Cabin KES
  28. Field Quarter STP Survey
  29. First Hermitage South Cabin
  30. Free State
  31. Home Farm Quarter Site 6
  32. Home Farm Quarter Site 7
  33. Home Farm Quarter Site 8
  34. House for Families
  35. Jessups I Village
  36. Jessups II Village
  37. MBY STP Survey
  38. Middleburg
  39. Mona Great House
  40. Mona Village
  41. Montpelier House 14
  42. Montpelier House 24
  43. Montpelier House 26
  44. Montpelier House 37
  45. Montpelier Yard Contexts
  46. MRS 2
  47. NAVAIR
  48. New River I Village
  49. New River II Village
  50. North Hill
  51. Outer Cabrits Soldiers’ Barracks
  52. Palace Lands Quarter
  53. Papine Village
  54. Pope Site
  55. Quarter
  56. Richneck Quarter
  57. Seville House 15
  58. Seville House 16
  59. ST116
  60. Stewart Castle Main House
  61. Stewart Castle Villate
  62. Stewart-Watkins
  63. The Spring Village
  64. Triplex
  65. Utopia II
  66. Utopia III
  67. Utopia IV
  68. West Kitchen Yard, Dry Well, & MRS 1
  69. Yard Cabin

Field Name: Region
Authority Terms:

  1. Chesapeake (U.S.)
  2. Dominica
  3. Jamaica
  4. Nevis
  5. Piedmont (U.S.)
  6. Shenandoah Valley (U.S.)
  7. South Carolina (U.S.)
  8. St. Kitts
  9. Tennessee (U.S.)
  10. United Kingdom

Field Name: County
Authority Terms:

  1. Alamance County (NC)
  2. Albemarle County (VA)
  3. Alexandria County (VA)
  4. Arlington County (VA)
  5. Baltimore County (MD)
  6. Beaufort County (SC)
  7. Bedford County (VA)
  8. Berkeley County (SC)
  9. Botetourt County (VA)
  10. Calvert County (MD)
  11. Charleston County (SC)
  12. Davidson County (TN)
  13. Dorchester (UK)
  14. Essex County (UK)
  15. Fairfax County (VA)
  16. Flintshire County (UK)
  17. Frederick County (VA)
  18. Gloucester County (VA)
  19. Greater London County (UK)
  20. Hampshire County (UK)
  21. Henrico County (VA)
  22. Isle of Wight County (VA)
  23. James City County (VA)
  24. Loudon County (TN)
  25. Louisa County (VA)
  26. Merseyside County (UK)
  27. Person County (NC)
  28. Prince George County (VA)
  29. Prince William County (VA)
  30. Randolph County (NC)
  31. Rockbridge County (VA)
  32. Rockingham County (VA)
  33. Southampton County (VA)
  34. St. Andrew Parish (Jamaica)
  35. St. Ann Parish (Jamaica)
  36. St. James Parish (Jamaica)
  37. St. James Windward Parish (Nevis)
  38. St. John Parish (Jamaica)
  39. St. Mary Cayon (St. Kitts)
  40. St. Mary’s County (MD)
  41. St. Thomas Parish (Jamaica)
  42. Staffordshire County (UK)
  43. Suffolk County (UK)
  44. Trelawney Parish (Jamaica)
  45. Westmoreland County (VA)

Field Name: Country
Authority Terms:

  1. England
  2. Jamaica
  3. Nevis
  4. St. Kitts
  5. Unites States
  6. Wales

Field Name: Place Name
Authority Terms:

  1. Ashcomb’s Quarter
  2. Cabrits Garrison
  3. Chapline Place
  4. Curriboo Plantation
  5. Drayton Hall
  6. Fairfield
  7. Free State
  8. Governor’s Land
  9. Jessups
  10. Jessups
  11. Kingsmill
  12. Middleburg
  13. Mona
  14. Monticello
  15. Montpelier
  16. Mount Vernon
  17. NAVAIR
  18. New River
  19. Papine
  20. Pope Site
  21. Poplar Forest
  22. Seville
  23. Stewart Castle
  24. Stratford Hall
  25. The Hermitage
  26. The Spring
  27. Upper Rawlins
  28. Utopia
  29. Williamsburg
  30. Yaughan Plantation

Field Name: Beginning Date (of site occupation)

Field Name: End Date (of site occupation)

Field Name: State Site Number

Note: This is the site designation in the Smithsonian Trinomial System (e.g.44WM33).

Field Name: Unit of Measurement
Authority Terms:

  1. Feet
  2. Meters

Field Name: Drainage
Authority Terms:

  1. Ashley River
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Big Sandy River
  4. Caribbean Sea
  5. Chesapeake Bay
  6. Chowan River
  7. Cumberland River
  8. Dismal Swamp
  9. James River
  10. New River
  11. Patuxent River
  12. Potomac/Shenandoah River
  13. Rappahanock River
  14. Rivanna River
  15. Roanoke River
  16. Tennessee River
  17. York River

Field Name: Site Soils

Field Name: Nearest Water Source

Field Name: Distance from Water Source

Field Name: Elevation Type
Authority Terms:

  1. Local
  2. Above Sea level

Field Name: Azimuth Orientation of Local Grid

Note: This field records the amount, measured in decimal degrees from true north, by which the y-axis, or base line of the local coordinate system in which the site was dug, deviates from true North.

Field Name: Total Area Excavated

Field Name: Total Convex Hull

The statistical definition for a convex hull is a set of points that form the smallest convex set that includes all of those points. In this case, a convex hull indicates the total area that the site based on the perimeter of the excavated units.

The convex hull of a site would look like this:

Convex Hull

Convex Hull

Field Name: Dates Excavated

Field Name: Artifact Repository

Note: This field records the institution that houses the collection, which may or may not be the same as the institution that conducted the excavations.

Field Name: Added By

Field Name: Date Added

Field Name: Changed By

Field Name: Date Changed

Field Name: Project Notes

Field Name: Site Abstract

Field Name: Geo Datum
Authority Terms:

  1. NAD27
  2. NAD83
  3. Not Applicable

Note: This field specifies the geodetic datum used in the coordinate system specified below in the Geo Coordinate System Field.

Field Name: Geo Coordinate System
Authority Terms:

  1. Local/Site Specific
  2. SPC Maryland
  3. SPC North Carolina
  4. SPC Virginia North Zone
  5. SPC Virginia South Zone
  6. UTM Zone 16
  7. UTM Zone 17
  8. UTM Zone 18
  9. UTM Zone 20

Field Name: Northing Geo Coordinate of Local Datum

Field Name: Easting Geo Coordinate of Local Datum

Field Name: Vertical Geo Coordinate of Local Datum

Note: These three fields locate the local site datum in the real-earth coordinate system specified above (e.g. SPC Virginia North). The local site datum is the point on the site that serves as the origin (x=0, y=0, z=0) of the Cartesian coordinate system in which the site was excavated. For example, if elevations for the site are given above sea level, then the value for “Vertical Coordinate of Local Datum” should be 0. If the elevations for the site are given relative to an arbitrary 0-point on the site, then “Vertical Coordinate of Local Datum” should be the (estimated) elevation above sea level of that local 0-point.