The Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery is scholarly and community resource made possible through the generous financial support of the following organizations and individuals.

Individual Contributors

Five individuals contributed generous gifts to the DAACS Endowment. We are grateful to Mr. John Cooke, Mrs. Linda K. Ford, Mr. John A. Griffin, Ms. Sonja Hoel Perkins, and Mr. Thomas A. Saunders III for their support.

Seven individuals contributed generous gifts to the DAACS’ 2017 NEH Sustainability Matching Grant for expansion of the DAACS Research Consortium’s Fellowship and Material Culture Training Program. Gifts from George and Betty Johnson, Ginger Deitrich, Randy and Susan Rivinus, and Frank F. Islam and Debbie Driesman are providing 20 pre- and post-doctoral scholars with training at Monticello in material culture identification and archaeological data analysis skills.