Object Queries provide users with access to data on all of the Objects cataloged in the DAACS.

  1. Object Query 1: Basic Object Inventory
    Returns basic data on objects from a site or sites.
  2. Object Query 2: Detailed Object Inventory
    This query returns all data on objects from one or more projects in a concatenated format.
  3. Object Query 3: Select Artifact Attributes by Type
    This query allows the user to select one or more Projects and users can subsetthe data by either ObjectID, Institutional Object Number, ObjectType, ObjectForm, or Ware. Returns all data on objects from one or more projects in a concatenated format.


Citing Your Query
The data in DAACS are freely available to all researchers. We encourage the use of DAACS data in published papers, theses and dissertations, class assignments, and other research projects. DAACS website content is under copyright. DAACS data, like any published material, should be cited.

Please provide the following information in a bibliography when citing data from DAACS.

  1. The query from which data was used, e.g. Artifact Query 1.
  2. The date the data was downloaded, e.g. May 22, 2013.
  3. The Archive name and website address.

For additional information on citing other DAACS website content, see Guidelines.

Why Documenting Your Query is Important.
The DAACS database is periodically updated to include data from newly analyzed archaeological sites. Since data in the database may change after an update, it is important for a researcher to record the database version used when querying.

Notification of updates will be posted on the What’s New page. If you would like to be notified of updates to the Archive, please contact us. We’d be happy to put your name on our mailing list that notifies researchers of database updates, new content, fellowship announcements, and other DAACS-related news.