Cloud Band 01


Cloud Band 1 is characterized by a scalloped band extending from another band. This scalloped area also contains diagonal hatching. This band is not identified as a scallop band because in the literature of Canton decorated Chinese porcelain, this band element is always known as a cloud element.

Stylistic Genre:

The genre for this stylistic element depends on a combination of decorative technique, color, and element.  Note that it is often stacked with a trellis band, in which case the Genre should be recorded as “Canton.”

Cataloging Example for Depicted Sherd:


Stylistic Genre
Interior/Exterior Location Decorative Technique Color Stylistic Element Motif
Interior Body Painted, under free hand Purple-Blue, Intense Dark Cloud Band 01 Stacked Combination A
Interior Proximal Rim Painted, under free hand Purple-Blue, Intense Dark Trellis Band 02 Stacked Combination A