Molded Edge 08


Characterized by a row of foliage/feathers extending down from the rim and a band of “fish scale” elements below it. The dots are molded on this example, but can also be painted. This is also called “Fish Scales and Feathers ” by the staff at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (see image).

Stylistic Genre:

The genre for this stylistic element depends on a combination of decorative technique, color, and element.

Cataloging Example for Depicted Sherd:


Stylistic Genre
Molded Edge Decoration, other
Interior/Exterior Location Decorative Technique Color Stylistic Element Motif
Interior Proximal Rim Molded Not Applicable Molded Edge 08 Individual A
Interior Proximal Rim Painted, under free hand Purple-Blue, Intense Dark Molded Edge 08 Individual A