Plain Band 01

Plain Band 01


Plain Band 01 is a single stripe of color. Plain Band 01 can be thick or thin–the size of the band does not influence its classification. These examples show Plain Band 1 on the proximal rim of the vessel but it can be seen on any portion of a decorated vessel except the exterior of the rim (see Plain Band 06; Note that Plain Band 01 can be seen on Exterior Proximal Rim). It is often seen as a component of other Bands.

Stylistic Genre:

The genre for this stylistic element depends on a combination of decorative technique, color, and element.

Cataloging Example for Depicted Sherd:


Stylistic Genre
Polychrome, warm
Interior/Exterior Location Decorative Technique Color Stylistic Element Motif
Interior Proximal Rim Painted, under free hand Yellow, Muted Medium Plain Band 01 Individual A