Shell Edge 10

Shell Edge 10


Unscalloped edge with impressed wavy lines.  The molded lines descending down from the edge are wavy and the painted band frequently follows the molded lines.  Note that Shell Edge 10 is very similar to Shell Edge 02.  The distinguishing characteristic is that Shell Edge 02 has a molded scalloped edge while Shell Edge 10 is executed on a vessel without a scalloped rim. Found primarily on pearlware, sometimes on early whiteware.

Stylistic Genre:

Select Shell Edge plus the appropriate color (i.e. Shell Edge Blue, Shell Edge, Green, etc.)

Cataloging Example for Depicted Sherd:


Stylistic Genre
Shell Edge, blue
Interior/Exterior Location Decorative Technique Color Stylistic Element Motif
Interior Proximal Rim Painted, under free hand Purple-Blue, Intense Dark Shell Edge 10 Individual A
Interior Proximal Rim Molded Not Applicable Shell Edge 10 Individual A