Tile Corner: Ox-head 01


A handpainted element exclusively used at the corners of fireplace tiles. It comes in several variations, but this element always consists of three basic features: two mirroring scrolls, a pair of protruding horns on either side of the scrolls, and a spearhead element at the center. This motif usually repeats on each of the tile’s four corners.

Ox-head 01 is similar to Ox-head style #57 in Van Dam and Tichelaar 1984.

Stylistic Genre:

The genre for this stylistic element depends on a combination of decorative technique, color, and element.

Cataloging Example for Depicted Sherd:


Stylistic Genre
Handpainted Blue
Interior/Exterior Location Decorative Technique Color Stylistic Element Motif
Interior Base Painted, under free hand Blue, Intense Dark Tile Corner: Ox-head 01 Individual A